Author = Abd Elhakim, Walaa Mohamed
Reconsideration in Gender Precedence iconography: Two Stelae from Deir el-Medina as A case study

Volume 14, Issue 1, December 2022, Pages 75-90

Gehad Mohamed Ibrahim Bakr; Engy El-kilany; Ahmed Abo el-Magd Abo el-Magd; Walaa Mohamed Abd Elhakim

Unpublished Stela Fragment of A Woman from Deir el-Bahari

Volume 14, Issue 2, December 2022, Pages 42-53

Gehad Mohamed Ibrahim Bakr; Walaa Mohamed Abd Elhakim; Engy El-kilany; Ahmed Mohamed Abo el-Magd

Iconographical Evidence of Egyptian Influence in Upper Nubia

Volume 11, Issue 1, June 2021, Pages 58-66

Sara Yassin Mostafa Mahmoud; Ahmad Mohamad Abo el Magd; Walaa Mohamed Abd Elhakim