A Future Vision to promote Intra-regional Tourism between Egypt and Africa

Document Type : Original Article


Tourism Studies Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, University of Sadat City


The study-in-progress attempts to ensuring the importance of the African market for the
Egyptian tourism industry alongside the other tourist markets, and achieving the African
integration through intra-regional tourism. The main objective of this study is to present
future visions and strategies to promote intra-regional tourism between Egypt and Africa.
Intra-regional tourism is providing social interest and leisure opportunities, supporting
community infrastructure and industry, and ultimately contributing to social cohesion and
national pride. Data was collected through questionnaire list and interviews with experts at
Ministry of Tourism and researchers at the Institute of African Research and Studies, Cairo
University. The findings revealed that intra-regional tourism plays an important role to
deal with many political, economic, social and cultural and environmental problems
between Egypt and African countries. It indicated that the most important obstacles facing
the promotion of intra-regional tourism are lack of promotional marketing campaigns,
absence of policies and plans related to put African tourism on the Egyptian tourism map,
the complex procedures for obtaining a visa to Egypt. The findings also suggested some of
future visions to promote intra-regional tourism, the most prominent of which are
Conducting a lot of market studies about African communities, implementing an organized
marketing campaign to African Market, solving the problems and political tensions
between Egypt and the African countries, launching regular flights with competitive prices,
encouraging joint tourism programs between Egypt and the African countries for foreign
tourists. Finally, the study concludes with suggestions for decision makers in Egypt to pay
attention to promote intra-regional tourism between Egypt and African countries