Aims and Scope

Minia Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research (MJTHR) is a scientific journal that accredited by the Academy of Scientific Research. The journal has a printed ISSN (2357-0652) and Online ISSN (2735-4741) It issues by the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Minia University, and it publishes two issues annually. MJTHR is concerned with major trends and developments in a variety of disciplines as they apply to tourism and hospitality industry, and tourist guidance, and discusses topics such as:

  •  Marketing.
  • Hotel Management.
  • E-tourism.
  • Technological development.
  • Human resource management.
  • Tourism, hospitality, and tourist guidance Legislations.
  • Archaeological studies.

List of Journal Topics:

  • Tourism and hospitality operations and management
  • Marketing and finance in tourism and hospitality 
  • E-Marketing in tourism and hospitality
  • Human resources in tourism and hospitality
  • IT in tourism and hospitality
  • Quality management in tourism and hospitality
  • Management and organizational behavior in tourism and hospitality
  • Accounting in tourism and hospitality
  • Tourism and hospitality statistics
  • Tourism and hospitality economics
  • Modern trends in tourism and hospitality 
  • Entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry
  • Crises management in tourism and hospitality
  • Education and training in tourism and hospitality
  • Tourism and hospitality legislations
  • E-Tourism
  • Hospitality management
  • Revenue/ yield management
  • Food and beverage management in hospitality
  • Special events management
  • Tourism and environment
  • Tourist destination management
  • Travel agencies
  • Airline business
  • Egyptology
  • Ancient Egyptian history, archaeology, and civilization 
  • Ancient Egyptian religion and mythology 
  • Ancient Egyptian art
  • Hieroglyphs (Ancient Egyptian language)
  • History, culture, and archaeology of Egypt in the Graeco-Roman Period
  • Coptic Art and Architecture.
  • Islamic History, archaeology, and Civilization.
  • Islamic Art and Architecture.
  • Egypt modern history
  • Egypt contemporary history
  • Cultural heritage 
  • Museology 
  • Modern trends in tourist guidance
  • Methods of tourist guidance
  • Tour guide skills

 The referencing and citation style

APA  6th edition (American Psychological Association)


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