Peer Review Process

Minia Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research has specific procedures for reviewing and publishing papers, as following:

1- The journal accepts manuscripts sent to it two months before the date of issuing the volume that the author(s) intend to publish in.

2- After receiving the paper, the manuscript reviewed by the editorial board who take the decision to send it to the reviewers. In this stage, the editorial board has the right to ask the author(s) to make amendments to the manuscript before sending it to the reviewers and has also the ability to reject the paper if it doesn’t meet the requirements or follow the publication ethics.

3- In the case of the initial acceptance of the paper, the editorial board determines the reviewers’ names.

4- The Journal sticks to a double-blind review process.

5- The selection of reviewers depends on expertise, reputation, and our prior experience of a referee’s characteristics.

6- The journals’ reviewing process takes with no more than one month.

7- After the peer-reviewing process, the editors consider the reviewer’s advice and then proceed to one of the following decisions: acceptance with no amendments required; acceptance with minor/moderate improvements; acceptance with substantial improvements; rejection of the manuscript.

8- In the case of accepting the paper by one of the reviewers and rejecting by the other, the manuscript sent to one of the committee members who should be a professor in the field.

9- The report sent from the editor to the author(s) who is responsible for making required amendments. The author(s) send the final version to the editor by e-mail or the journal's website within two weeks.

10- The editorial board receive and review the manuscript to ensure that all modifications have been considered satisfactorily.

11- After that, the manuscript is subject to a final stage of scrutiny and review by the editorial board to ensure that it is free of any mistakes before printing.