A comparative Study of Bone Fractures Treatments by Both Albucasis and Sabuncuoğlu

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Abdel 'al st- Elsail Elgedid


Albucasis “Abul-Qasim al-Zahrawi” was the first Arab surgeon acknowledged by his contemporaries and by great surgeons who followed him, he was born in 936 AD and died in 1013 AD in Madina al-Zhara west of Córdoba. Sabuncuoğlu Şerefeddin also was a distinguished Ottoman physician interested in surgery, he was educated at Dar Al Shifa in Amasya then worked as a surgeon for many years. He was Born in 1385 AD and died in 1470 AD in Amasya. Both of the physicians made a great progress in surgery during their periods. Albucasis had a great book in medical book called “Al- Tasrif li-man ajaz an al- taalif” which considered as a medical encyclopedia. Sabuncuoğlu also had a medical book called “Cerrahiyetü’l Haniye” which considered a special scientific medical work. Although there was a long time between Albucasis and Sabuncuoğlu’s periods, mistakenly, Sabuncuoğlu’s book was considered as a translation of Al- Zahrawi’s book. Both books dealt with Orthopaedisc and bone fractures’ treatment. So, this study focuses on analyzing the differences and similarities between the two works of both physicians. The main purpose of this work is to highlight the knowledge, concerning the orthopaedics and bone treatments as explained by Sabuncuoğlu and Albucasis. This study also relied on the analytical method to find out these differences and similarities. According to the analysis findings, there were some differences and a lot of similarities in bone treatments. Also, the research analyzed the differences were only in the instruments they used.