Big Data Analytics Application in EGYPTAIR: Perceived Benefits, Skills and Development

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Lecturer in Tourism studies department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels - Minia University

2 Professor - tourism studies Department Faculty of tourism and hotels- Minia University, Egypt

3 Associate Professor - Tourism Studies Department Faculty of Tourism and Hotels - Minia University, Egypt


This research paper attempts to investigate big data analytics application in EGYPTAIR, bringing to the fore its perceived benefits, skills and development. The enormous volume of both organized and unstructured data that is difficult to process using standard software approaches or by utilising conventional statistical methods is referred to as "big data". The aviation sector is a typical candidate for the usage of big data technologies due to the volume of data produced. A few examples of the data that must be considered include passenger data, weather data, aircraft maintenance data and air traffic data. This study examines the benefits, Skills, and training needed programs of big data in EGYPTAIR Airlines. To that end, this research uses a questionnaire form and a descriptive analytical methodological approach. The sample consists of (294) EGYPTAIR airlines employees. The research shows that big data has major benefits in providing broad opportunities for EGYPTAIR Airlines management, enhancing flexibility in dealing with each passenger, problem solving, supporting decision making, growing predictive maintenance and improving performance. Moreover, one negative result is the weakness of employees training directed to EGYPTAIR airline employees to enhance their knowledge and skills for big data analytics such as “Maintains security and data privacy skills” and “Statistical analysis technologies”.