Unpublished Stela Fragment of A Woman from Deir el-Bahari

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1 Tourist Guidance Department, Faculty of Tourism & Hotels, Minia University

2 Tourist Guidance Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Minia University

3 Professor, Tourist Guidance Department, Faculty of Tourism & Hotels, Minia University


This paper is about an unpublished stela fragment of a woman from Deir el Bahari. It is now found in Luxor storeroom, no.207/GEM. 21875. This study aims to fully publish the stela, with an iconographical analysis and full translation of the texts. Possible stylistic dating and a discussion of the owner’s name serve to restate the piece with regard to the identity of the owner. Other objectives include recognizing the name of the lady who owned the piece and identifying the missing deity in the lacuna. The methodology of this study depends on a descriptive, analytical, and comparative study which entails a deep description of the iconography, transliteration and translation of the texts, making a facsimile, and an analysis of the similar aspects between the studied stela and a set of other stelae from Deir el Bahari. The study findings revealed that votive stelae of Deir el Bahari have identical features and express the same ideas artistically. The workshops which produced cult objects had religious knowledge about the nature of the deities and their myths. This is reflected in the funerary iconography that they produced.