Evaluating Luxor Brand Visual Identity from officials and Stakeholders Point of View

Document Type : Original Article


1 Tourism Studies Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Minia University

2 Professor - tourism studies Department Faculty of tourism and hotels- Minia University, Egypt

3 Lecturer at tourism Studies Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Minia University


A visual identity is one of the most concrete means to communicate a brand,
translating its positioning, personality, and global flux via visual element. A brand is a
symbolic instrument of an identity, its relationships, conveying specific promises
about products, services, or entities. This study aims to evaluates brand visual identity from tourism officials and Stakeholders Point of View. In Specifically, it tries to determine to what extend the design of Luxor brand visual identity is suitable to Luxor civilization. Additionally, the study aims to assess the marketing efforts of governmental authorities to promote the elements of Luxor's visual identity to be recognized by tourists. To achieve the aim of the study a qualitative method was used. Ten interviews were conducted with a sample of hoteliers, travel agency, restaurant manager, general manager of Karnak Antiquities in the Ministry of Tourism who responsible for implementing the visual identity project in Luxor and the general manager of Tourism Administration in Luxor Governorate. Results showed that the designing of the elements of the visual identity of Luxor represent the culture and the history of the city. Moreover, the marketing activities aren’t sufficient for tourists to recognize about Luxor's visual identity.