Magic bowls preserved in the Egyptian Geographical Society Museum in Cairo.

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Minia University Faculty of Tourism And Hotels Tourist Guidance Department


The study focuses on the documented and publication of six horror bowls preserved at the Egyptian Geographical Society Museum in Cairo. The study includes reading the inscriptions on them and analyzing their contents, , and showed their diversity which include Quranic verses, supplications, the names of Allah, registration inscriptions, talismanic inscriptions, and magical squares. The study provides a dating of the horror bowls by comparing them with a group of bowls published in a previous study. The study also reveals that some bowls contain the names of diseases believed to be treated by the bowl and some indicate the method of using the bowl. In some cases, the name of the patient for whom the bowl was made can be found on the bowl. Additionally, the study provides an explanation for some of the talismans found on the horror bowls.The study showed the diversity of horror bowls in the museum of the Egyptian geographical society in Cairo and the multiplicity of their purposes and the materials from which they were made .The study also shows the variety of Islamic art collections in the Museum of the Egyptian Geographical Society which was established by Khedive Ismail in 1875 AD.