Evaluating Marketing Performance of Official Tourism Authorities in Minia

Document Type : Original Article


1 Tourism Studies - Faculty of Tourism and Hotels - Minia University-Egypt

2 Tourism studies Department , Faculty of Tourism and Hotels , Minia University

3 Tourism Studies Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Fayom University, Egypt


Minia is one of Northern Upper Egypt Governorates, and it has several natural and archaeological attractions that attract visitors. Despite this, Minia has not received its sufficient share of tourist movement that suits its capabilities. The current study tries to investigate the different marketing efforts of official tourism authorities directed to promote Minia attractions as well as discover the challenges that facing marketing the governorate for finding out the way to overcome them. To achieve the aims of the study a qualitative method was used. An interview was developed and directed to a sample of tourist officials in tourism authorities in Minia. The interview form was created to evaluate their marketing efforts and the challenges face their marketing performance. The main results of the study showed that there are considerable defects mainly related to official tourism authorities role. These shortages obstructed the success of tourism movement to Minia. Finally, the study presented some suggestions to develop the marketing performance of Minia official tourism authorities.