Towards Applying Sustainable Learning to the Educational Process at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Minia University

Document Type : Original Article


Tourism Studies Dep, Faculty of Tourism & Hotels, Minia University


Sustainable learning is considered one of the modern concepts that express a type of learning that serves the environmental field. Most nations have taken an interest in this concept in light of environmental stewardship and the pursuit of sustainable development. The study aimed to create sustainable and renewable curricula and methods of learning and teaching that would prepare and develop students to meet future challenges. The researcher used an inventory approach. Data was gathered through questionnaires issued to faculty members of Tourism and Hotels at Minia University. Using SPSS version 25, a variety of analytical techniques were used to analyze the findings, including descriptive statistics, reliability analysis, coefficient analysis, and Pearson correlation analysis. The research reached several results; the most important of these is that there is a significant, strong positive relationship between scientific subjects and the benefits of applying sustainable education to the educational process in the faculty. The research recommended that the faculty change regulations, add a percentage of sustainability courses in all disciplines, expand the use of environmentally friendly technology, and digitize the curriculum as a green education tool.