The Conventional Formula Under the Offering Tables at the Private Tombs of the Old Kingdom

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1 Minia University

2 Tourist Guidance Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Minia University

3 Tourist Guidance Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Alexandria University


Carved beneath offering tables in Old Kingdom private tombs, the “conventional formula” – a text and image combination – offers unparalleled insights into the beliefs, social order, and artistic expression of ancient Egypt. This abstract delves into the significance of these formulae, exploring their textual and visual components, their evolution over time, and their multifaceted roles in funerary practices. Studying these formulae unlocks a treasure trove of information about Old Kingdom religion, social structures, artistic trends, and individual narratives. They offer a link between the written word and the visual world, illuminating the complex tapestry of beliefs and practices that underpinned ancient Egyptian civilization. This paper dealt with 10 scenes between the time period from the fourth dynasty to the sixth dynasty. The study reached results including The depictions under the offering tables in the Old Kingdom tended to follow traditional iconographic conventions that had been established in earlier periods. Inscriptions are simple and formulaic, generally consisting of offerings for the deceased's.


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