Applying Regenerative Tourism to Enhance Sustainable Tourism Development in Hurghada

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1 tourism studies - faculty of tourism and hotels- minia university

2 Tourism studies, Faculty of Tourism and hotels, Fayoum University

3 Tourism Studies Dep, Faculty of Tourism & Hotels, Minia University


Regenerative tourism is concerned with improving the tourist destination to be better after the visit, so it is the joint responsibility of the tourists and stakeholders to make this happen. It fits cultural and natural patterns, offers a path forward by produce positive outcomes instead of causing less damage. A set of criteria has been formulated to measure the extent of the application of regenerative tourism in Hurghada based on the literature review analysis and taking into account Hurghada natural and man-made ingredients. This research intends also to identify its benefits and the challenges that may hinder it. This research used the descriptive-analytical approach, where interviews were conducted with managers of tour operators and diving center managers in Hurghada, and a questionnaire was prepared and distributed to 110 employees of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) in the Red Sea Governorate. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation analysis, and regression analysis in SPSS 22.0. These analyses assured that there are factors that help apply regenerative tourism in Hurghada, such as the resorts and beaches diversity, and cooperation between government institutions and stakeholders in development. The research resulted in a strong positive relationship between the ingredients for implementing regenerative tourism in Hurghada and the benefits of implementing regenerative tourism in Hurghada. So we need to support applying regenerative tourism that enhances craft industries, and helps build a new brand for Hurghada. This research recommends that regenerative tourism should be applied to preserve Hurghada and coastal destinations.


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