The Impact of Using Airline Mobile Applications on Passenger Satisfaction in Egypt Air

Document Type : Original Article


1 afaq international academy

2 Sadat University

3 Tourism Studies Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Minia University


Mobile airline services, such as booking, check-in, boarding pass, gate caller, flight and lost baggage information, have been increasingly utilized recently. This paper aims to analyze the effects of mobile marketing tool at passenger satisfaction of Egypt Air. To achieve aim and objectives of the research a quantities method was used by a questionnaire tool. The sample was passengers in Egypt Air 400 questionnaires were distributed only (384) questionnaires were valid for the statistical manipulation of data distributed in Cairo international airport and Egypt Air domestic sales offices. The research reached several results, the most important of which is the presence of the application is very flexible. Airline mobile applications are the best way of airline service because of its ease of use and availability when needed; there is positive significant relationship between passenger satisfaction and using of airline mobile application. The research thus recommended that Egypt Air should develop mobile applications to offer airline service. They should announce their mobile application in their website, social media. They should make training for their staff in mobile applications using. Developing mobile applications include several features that increase the number of passengers and attract others to use it.


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