Author = Abd El-Bary Ahmed Ali Dawood
Assessing the Application of Flight Catering Supply Chain Practices and Food and Beverages Quality in EgyptAir (Differences between Employees' Demographics)

Volume 16, Issue 1, December 2023, Pages 63-84

Abd El-Bary Ahmed Ali Dawood; Mohamed Mostafa Salah Mohamed; Mostafa Mahmoud Mohamed Hussein

Evaluating the Websites' Quality of Five and Four Star Hotels in Egypt

Volume 13, Issue 1, January 2022, Pages 183-193

Samar A. Elrahem A. Elsater; Abd ElBary Ahmed Ali Dawood; Mostafa Mahmoud Mohamed Hussein; Mohamed Ahmed Ali

Food Waste in Hotel Restaurants: Causes, Reducing Practices and Barriers

Volume 12, Issue 1, December 2021, Pages 135-155

Ahmed Rady; Abd El-Bary Dawood; Mohamed abo Taleb; Mahmoud Adel