Abd El Megeed Pasha Seif El Nasr Palace (Archaeological Study)

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1 Tour Guidance department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels , Minia university, Minia, Egypt

2 Tourist Guidance Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Minia University

3 Islamic Monuments, Faculty of Archaeology Cairo University


Egypt is rich with archaeological and historical buildings from different ages. The historical palaces are among the most important of these buildings. A number of historical palaces have been established in Egypt during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It is noticed that this architectural renaissance in the palaces architecture were not limited to the big cities but has spread also in many other cities. Among these cities, the city of Mallawi. Mallawi City has a large number of historical palaces that include many unique architectural and decorative elements. One of the most important palaces in Mallawi city at the 19th and 20th centuries is the palace of Abd El Megeed pasha. It has been considered as one of the Islamic monuments in the city. This palace has been built in 1333 AH/ 1912 AD by Abd El Megeed Pasha. The family of Seif Al Nasr Pasha is considered one of the oldest families at Mallawi city. The family still owns large number of palaces in the city .
Therefore, the study aims to explore the architectural description of the palace, as well as provided with recent photos, plans and various figures in attempt to show the architectural and artistic value of the palace. Moreover, this study describe the existing condition of the palace. Then, it declare the architectural and Artistic styles of the palace. Finally, it concluded by some of results and recommendations.


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