Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 1, December 2021 
Exploring the Dromos of Hermes at Hermopolis Magna

Pages 1-14

Youssri Abelwahed; Mamdouh Darwish; Hassan sayed Mohamed

God Andjety in Coffin Texts

Pages 15-26

sherif Elsabban; Altayeb S. Abbas; Mahmoud Hassan Ali

Smart Marketing Usage in Egyptian Domestic Tourism: Opportunities and Challenges

Pages 27-43

Maged G. Briez; ┘ŹSabreen Abd Eljalil; Mohamed Ezzat

Psychological warfare in the Eighteenth Dynasty

Pages 44-60

janet gameil riad; Ahmad Mohammad Abo elmagd; Eltayeb Sayed Abbas

Abd El Megeed Pasha Seif El Nasr Palace (Archaeological Study)

Pages 100-120

Reda Mamdouh Mohammed; Samah Abd Elrahman Mahmoud; Rafat Mohamed Elnabarawi

Food Waste in Hotel Restaurants: Causes, Reducing Practices and Barriers

Pages 135-155

Ahmed Rady; Abd El-Bary Dawood; Mohamed abo Taleb; Mahmoud Adel